Whats Cannabis Butter Directory Really About?

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Lets have a real look at the cannabis industry.

Be careful about what you hear. Nothing more than stylized pyramid schemes appearing in trusted magazines written by CEO's of the same companies toting their agendas as if it was undeniable, factual truth. Bullshitting old ladies out of their social security checks. Who's putting the money in? That's the question.  Valuing your company by the acquisition of existing companies does not show market growth it shows market share and there is no "market" . Canada is stuck in Canada.  Branding is a joke. Here let me jump up on my soap box for a moment. Want to win in this business? Admit to yourself that "you" won't be king pot head and ask yourself how low are you willing to go to make profit. If you can make more money working at Burger King than running a cannabis business then what are you doing in the cannabis business. This shit show is 90% buy me out. Ask anyone what their exit strategy is and i'll bet you it's to sell out. There are a few profitable cannabis companies but only because they are in controlled markets. I'm not counting support businesses like lighting, advertising etc. How to be profitable? Focus on making $ not building an empire. Three things you need to play the game; one money, two expertise and three something that you have and no one else does. You are looking for #3. Told you that you're smart.

Your job is to make $ don't worry about the other guy worry about what you are going to do. Canada has close to no genetics. Everyone has the same shit wrapped in different packaging and call it branding. How do you brand something that is never the same? You don't you brand yourself. You've doing that. Good work. Strategic partners are gold. You will increase your value with simple small contracts and promote both companies and that's what you are doing, that is cool cool.


Lets do something together in this directory; business to business!